Paintings: New Painting Series 2015

Untitled 7Untitled 6Untitled 6Untitled 4Untitled 3Untitled 2Untitled 1

Painting Series 2014

AppleOrangeWatercressBok ChoyShiitakeFennelJalapenoSweet Pepper

Paintings: Kitchen Series 2013

Boiling Bean SoupBoiling EggMelting ButterMelting IceShiitakesRinsingDishwashing

Paintings: Still Lifes 2012

David and GoliathsPot MirrorBlue Cups 2Burbon Bottle3 VasesGlass BallLemonLinen NapkinBowl Of WaterTwo Wine GlassesBroken IrisTomatoes / PitcherBlackberries In MirrorCoffee Pot / Window

Paintings: Encounters in the Natural World

Forty-Five LeavesAutumn TapestryBefore The StormLate Hydrangea, ScatteredttttttttttOnce a Logging RoadFlowing DownGreen GhostVertical Shadows

Paintings From The Perimeter: the Rise of the New World Trade Center

Guarding Trinity ChurchTulips, Tower FourGhost Towerence and TreeNear Cortlandt Street StationWitnesses, St. Paul's ChapelOn Liberty Street, Green CarOn Liberty Street, Red CarReflections on the Century Hotel Facade, Tower OneChristmas on Greenwich StreetTower One, Fire Truck as MirrorGlass Viewing WallOn Granite Wall, Cortlandt StreetWitnesses, Saint Paul's Chapel #2

Drawings: Anthropomorphic Leaf Drawings

Anthropomorphic Leaf 1Anthropomorphic Leaf 2Anthropomorphic Leaf 3Anthropomorphic Leaf 4Anthropomorphic Leaf 5Anthropomorphic Leaf 8Mephistopholeaf

Sculptures: Quantum Leaf

Quantum LeafQuantum LeafQuantum Leaf artist proof

Sculptures: Lightning Tree

Lightning TreeLightning Tree

Sculptures: Octoberleaf


Sculptures: Anthropomorphic Leaf Sculptures

The Madness of TreesMaskleafDragon LeafWizard TreeFrancoisePrince IgorScottieleafLawyerleaf

Sculptures: Creatures

Winged BearWhy Me MouseHorned PugStuffed PenguinWhalebearIbex TwinsFerocious BoarOtter Speaking To SpouseHappy Croctrog